To some degree, we are all procrastinators.  It is also true that there really just are not enough hours in the day.  It is hard to me for imagine how I was ever bored during my childhood, given how quickly the days fly by now.  While we cannot create more time, there are lots of awesome new tools out there that increase happiness and productivity at the same time.

These products are fascinating, and I use or have used them all myself.  I hope that you will find one or all of them useful for you, or at the very least find them interesting.  None have been provided to me for free, and my opinions are unbiased.  The images for each item are linked to the product’s website.  All of these items make great gifts as well!

1. The Five Minute Journal

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The Five Minute Journal is a hardcover journal containing the same set of exercises on each page along with an inspirational quote.  Half of the page is completed in the morning and the other half is completed in the evening.  This is a great way to start and end the day, because it allows for reflection and forces you to take a moment to appreciate all the great things in your life.

Another great thing about The Five Minute Journal is that the dates are blank, so you can start anytime and pick back up anytime if you miss a day or two.


2. Panda Planner


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The Panda Planner is a hybrid of The Five Minute Journal and a traditional day planner.  This item is available in a regular version and a pro version.  Panda Planner features daily, weekly, and monthly pages to make setting goals and sticking with them a breeze.  The monthly sections are a traditional wall calendar view with space to write your main goals for the month.  Weekly pages are more detailed, and provide space to expand on specific priorities for the upcoming week.  Daily pages contain an hour by hour schedule of the day, space for priorities, and a Five Minute Journal-esque mindfulness exercise.  Each of these pages also includes a small section to reflect on the previous day, month.  It sounds like this will decrease productivity due to all the steps involved, but taking a few minutes to organize our day actually increases time for ourselves and maximizes our productivity.

The main difference in the classic and pro is the size.  The classic version measures 5.25” x 8.25”, while the pro is more expensive measures 8.5” x 11”.  Panda Planner is available via as well as the manufacturer’s website.  Additionally, Panda Planner comes with over $100 in free eBooks along with instructional videos on how to make the most of the product.


3. 52 Lists for Happiness

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52 Lists is more on the mindfulness side, but is still a great tool for happiness and productivity.  This lovely book contains 52 prompts and space to answer them in the form of a list.  The pages also include a brief call to action which serves as motivation to make dreams a reality or take more time to enjoy what we truly love in life.  This book is a fun weekly activity to partake in for relaxation and reflection.

52 Lists for Happiness is available via the author’s (Moorea Seal) store as well as at other retailers.


4. Phillips Wake-Up Light

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Along an entirely different vein is the Phillips Wake-Up Light.  However, this item helps you get to sleep and wake up in a more natural fashion.  One of the biggest reasons many of us struggle (myself included) is because we do not get enough sleep, and the sleep we do get is poor quality sleep.  There is nothing worse than being jolted from a deep sleep by the screech of our alarm clock followed by the blinding LED screen of our cell phone.  It is well established that good quality sleep leads to happier people and greater productivity.

This item is life changing.  It gradually increases in brightness to simulate a sunrise.  This is particularly helpful in the dark winter months.  I can say from experience that you really do wake up feeling more refreshed.  The clock also features a sleep timer that simulates a sunset to help you fall asleep.

For those of you worried it will not wake you up, the alarm can be set to make sounds at your designated wake-up time so you don’t oversleep.  The light can also be adjusted to your preference of brightness.  If you are looking for a more pleasant way to wake up I would highly recommend the Philips Wake-Up Light.

Do you own any of these products?  Are you thinking of trying any?  Please share your comments below, via social media, or any other way you prefer.  If there are other products you want to share, please do so as well!  If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness, check out our post on it here.  Until next week, be well.

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