Having always been involved in customer service along with my medical career, I have been privy to some interesting stories over the years.  From miracle spiritual cures for cancer to the benefits of eating soup made from afterbirth and everything in between, I thought I had heard it all.  That was until I heard about suppositories to make the vagina smell better.

As I listened to this product being described to me, I couldn’t help but wonder why it is necessary.  In my experience, regular bathing has always been more than sufficient.  If vaginal suppositories are necessary, it may be time to take a look at your bathing practices.

My Sweet V Boric Acid

My Sweet V

One particular product, My Sweet V, claims to give vaginal secretions a fruity taste.  In addition to that it claims to enhance female sex drive and performance.  This is all done with a proprietary blend of pineapple, wheatgrass, aćai berries, Papaya, and various other natural ingredients.  My favorite ingredient in My Sweet V is “Magic Berry”, more commonly known as miracle fruit, which makes sour foods taste sweet.  Who knew that all these years the vagina needed it’s own version of Jamba Juice to maximize its capabilities.

I strongly encourage you to visit the My Sweet V website, as it is full of laughs.  They even feel the need to mention that the supplement was “designed with women in mind.”  They also intentionally mislead the consumer by writing that the supplement is produced in an FDA approved facility.  Naturally no statement on the website, nor the substance itself has been evaluated by the FDA, let alone approved by them.  It’s not surprising vaginal superfoods are not high on the priority list.

Boric Acid pH-D

Boric Acid Supplements

The second product I came across is pH-D, a boric acid supplement that also claims to help with vaginal odor.  Boric acid supplements have been studied and have limited merit in treating recurrent yeast infections, but alternatives such a Monistat tend to be preferred for these issues as opposed to sticking a pill into your hoo-ha.  Not only are the results inconsistent, but there is no way to verify that you are really getting the stated quantity of boric acid since it is a supplement and therefore not regulated.

I will say that pH-D is a bit more legitimate than My Sweet V and attempts to backup its claims by linking to scientific studies.  However, these studies are all dated, inconclusive, or require a larger sample size to actually prove the merit of this therapy.

It is always fascinating to hear about the things people will do, and the reasons that they do them.  I would hope that any woman that gets complaints about the smell of their vagina would evaluate their hygiene and/or get rid of their significant other due to them being an asshole.  Whatever the case may be, a suppository to make the va jay jay smell and taste like something sold by Bolthouse Farms is definitely unnecessary.

As for enhanced female performance, I think My Sweet V probably has about as much legitimate impact as a Swedish made penis enlarger pump, and that sort of thing just is not my bag, baby.


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