This page provides brief descriptions and links to other sites providing high quality health and wellness information.  Feel free to contact us at Force of Well if you have a resource to share, or if you would like to see your website on the list.  Have a great day and be well!


Dove Med

Wellness Resources DM




DoveMed is an excellent resource for general health and wellness information.  They offer accessible physician reviewed articles on diseases, lab tests, procedures, and much more.  Because the content is created and reviewed by healthcare professionals, DoveMed is a reliable source for high quality information.


Mayo Clinic

Mayo Resources


An established name in the medical field, Mayo Clinic’s website features a plethora of information.  They provide information about diseases, testing, and procedures for both patients and healthcare providers.  Because they are a major research institution, they also offer articles on cutting edge research.

National Wellness Institute (NWI)

NWI Resources







The National Wellness Institute is a great resource for general wellness information.  They provide training and education for individuals looking to become certified wellness professionals.  They also run a yearly conference for wellness professionals and enthusiasts to network and share their passion.  While a fair amount of the content is free, most of the webinars and educational resources require NWI membership or fee.